Welcome to our website.


Nowadays virtual reality and augmented reality are very common in news & media.

But what exactly is this and what can be done with it?

We see ourselves as VR experts of the first hour, as "visionaries" of a future technologies.

We assume that in the near future our everyday life will be determined by those new technologies.


We show you advantages and disadvantages as well as what can be done or not.

We are a strong partner for your future in virtual reality, especially
For VR productions,

presentations as well as technical consulting and implementations.


The possibilities are endless and we have now no limitations in virtual reality.

The concept is not new but today the technical equipments are ready for the consumer.

Above all, the available hardware is now affordable, so that
nothing more stands in the way today for a wide

rollout .


We think that VR will influence our future as significantly as it did some years ago

with the mobile phones.


Here are a few approaches where we meen VR will be found in the future:

  • Games / Entertainment
  • 3D Photos and Videos
  • Education
  • Therapy
  • Advertising
  • 3D Design
  • Product presentations
  • Architecture
  • Travel industry
  • Events / Concenrts
  • Exibitions
  • Erotics


Product presentations

In cooperation with one customer we are developing a industry product presentation in virtual reality. We create photorealistic presentations On base of direct data takeover from industrial cad drawing ...

VR Cards

We are developing a virtual greeting card system. A first beta version was ready by end of the year and we are still looking to produce new greeting cards.  

VR training systems

Learning programs and training systems have today a great potential in virtual reality.   VaiR is currently also engaged in a virtual training ...