Beginning of 2016 the market for VR applications will be opened to the end users.

Products like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive will have a big impact.


At present software developments are rapidly progressing.


For events we can offer such virtual experiences.
Those attractions are based on developer versions and almost daily new offers are available.

  • Introductions in VR and experiences for demonstration purposes
  • Roller coasters and other fairground rides
  • VR short films
  • Travel through space, microcosm or 3D fractals
  • Training programs
  • 3D games in viewer or observer view
  • 360 degree videos


If desired we can develop your own VR application.

For a consulting request, please call us. There are are almost no limits for implementing your ideas.


Here some examples that we have already successfully implemented:

  • Halloween roller coaster (theme ride for halloween party)
  • Shooting ouse with product branding (advertising)
  • Product-roller coaster (advertising / product presentation)
  • Wedding-coaster (wedding ceremony with interactive display of participants)
  • Party-coaster (event-related rollercoaster with display of the artists)
  • VR museum ( (virtual exhibition)
  • Visualization of appliance technologies (stage constructions and visualisations of decorative projects)