We have a very modern and fancy concept for weddings.


Surprise your guests with an unforgettable VR theme ride.

The product changes dynamically during the occasion and the resulting VR application can be kept.

In collaboration with the photographers we create during the event a VR attraction as reminder which you can present 
alter to your guests like actual known from photo books.




VR will have a strong impact on our near future.

According to recent reports the new VR headsets are sold surprisingly well.

What used ago as a photo book soon turns into a VR experience.

This is why we already offer now to implement your most important day in virtual reality.


Such a program consists of a prepared VR application which we create on the basis of your photo material.

During your event the photographers will provide us pictures of your guests which will be included in the show immediately.

At the VR booth we entertain your guests with different virtual experiences such as journeys into space, roller coasters,
stunning car races and of course with your own VR application which is constantly expanding.


Such a project requires detailed planning so that it can be carried out flexibly and covering your individual needs.

Just call us without obligations. We will be happy to advise you on our common possibilities to make your event unforgettable.